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EGI is a federation of national and domain specific resource infrastructure providers comprised of individual resource centres. Many of these resource centres have been experimenting with the deployment of virtualised management environments to improve the local delivery of services. Many of EGI’s current and new user communities would like to access the flexibility provided by virtualisation across the infrastructure on demand in a ‘cloud like’ environment. Federating these individual virtualised resources is a major priority for EGI that has started with the EGI User Virtualisation Workshop, and the drafting of the EGI Cloud Integration Profile.


  • write a blueprint document for EGI Resource Providers that wish to securely federate and share their virtualised environments as part of the EGI production infrastructure;
  • deploy a test bed to evaluate the integration of virtualised resources within the existing EGI production infrastructure for monitoring, accounting and information services;
  • investigate and catalogue the requirements for community facing services based on or deployed through virtualised resources;
  • provide feedback to relevant technology providers on their implementations and any changes needed for deployment into the production infrastructure;
  • identify and work with user communities willing to be early adopters of the test bed infrastructure to help prioritise its future development;
  • identify issues that need to be addressed by other areas of EGI (e.g. policy, operations, support & dissemination).


The Task Force activities take place on its mailing list and on a weekly conference call. At the moment, our effort is organised in work groups. Each work group is led by a member of the Task Force. Each member of the Task Force is free to contribute to any work group or to suggest the creation of a new work group. Analogously, each member of Task Force can organise a meeting dedicated to further progress a specific workgroup activity.

The Task Force meet every Tuesday at 11:00 CET in a conference call.

High attendance


Medium attendance


Low attendance


Full details on meeting attendance are published in the administrative section

Cloud Resources Status

The Task Force is developing a resource monitor solution for the clouds federation based on Nagios. Meanwhile, here a table showing the current status of the cloud resources made available by the resource providers that have joined the Task Force. This table is updated weekly by the resource providers.


    = Available
    = Not available

User registration User access VM availability Elastic IPs Object Storage Persistent Storage
FZ Jülich

Task Force Resources

  1. Wiki
  2. Mailing list
  3. Meeting planner
  4. HiDef conferencing system
  5. Task Force Management & Actions tracker


  1. Task Force Mandate:
  2. Task Force Roadmap:
  3. Other EGI Virtualisation activities: