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Federating virtualised computing resources in EGI

This blueprint document will be assembled and written by the Task Force members providing EGI Resource Centres with all information necessary to provision and configure computing and storage resources so that they can be easily and securely federated as part of the EGI production infrastructure.

The blueprint itself is planned to be developed at this sub-space: Fedcloud-tf:Blueprint EGI Federated Clouds

Related material and surveys


Function Affiliation Representative Deputy
Chair Oxford University Matteo Turilli Michel Drescher (see below) Management Observer Steven Newhouse n/a Operations Office Tiziana Ferrari Peter Solagna Chief Community Officer
EGI Outreach liaison Steve Brewer Gergely Sipos Technology Manager Michel Drescher n/a
User Community WeNMR Alexandre Bonvin Marco Verlato
Resource Provider FZ Jülich Björn Hagemeier Shahbaz Memon
Resource Provider CESNET (NGI_CZ) Miroslav Ruda Boris Parak
Resource Provider CloudSigma Micheal Higgins  ????
Resource Provider Cyfronet (NGI PL) Tomasz Szepieniec Marcin Radecki
Resource Provider GWDG Ramin Yahyapour Philipp Wieder, Florian Feldhaus
Resource Provider Oxford University (NGI_UK) David Wallom Matteo Turilli
Resource Provider SARA (NGI_NL) Floris Sluiter Maurice Bouwhuis
Resource Provider TCD (NGI_IE) David O'Callahan Stuart Kenny
Resource Provider STFC (NGI_UK) Alison Packer John Gordon
Resource Provider IGI Giacinto Donvito Paolo Veronesi
Resource Provider,
Technology Provider
KTH/Venus-C Zeeshan Ali Shah Ake Edlund
Technology Provider IGI/INFN Elisabetta Ronchieri Davide Salomoni
Technology Provider EGI-InSPIRE JRA1 Daniele Cesini  ????
Technology Provider DANTE Domenico Vicinanza Richard Hughes-Jones
Technology Provider StratusLab Carl Loomis (interim)  ????
SIENA liaison SIENA Daniele Lezzi n/a
OGF Standards liaison OGF DCIFed chair Alexander Papaspyrou n/a

Task Force constituting conference call

The first conference call of the Task Force has taken place on 6 September 2011, with minutes available here.

Poll on proposed time slots for weekly conference calls

On today's call we agreed to find as soon as possible a suitable slot for weekly conference calls. Please provide your suggestions on the dedicated Fedcloud-tf:ProposedCallSlots Wiki page until Wednesday 7 September 2011 16:00 CET.


Task Force infrastructure

  1. Wiki:
  2. Mailing list:
  3. Meeting planner: EGI Indico;
  4. Conference calls: On a weekly basis, every Tuesday at 11:00 CET, using's HiDef conferencing system (Call-in details will be made available on the respective Indico entries)
  5. Task Force Management & Actions tracker OERC Basecamp,

Task Force mandate and other activities

  1. Task Force Mandate: Permanently available at
  2. Other EGI Virtualisation activities:

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