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== Infrastructure  ==
== Infrastructure  ==

*'''Wiki:''' [[../../../../../wiki/Fedcloud-tf:FederatedCloudsTaskForce|<span>Fedcl<wbr></wbr>oud</span>-tf:<wbr></wbr>FederatedCloudsTaskForce]]
*'''Meeting planner:''' EGI Indico; [<wbr></wbr>]
*'''Meeting planner:''' EGI Indico; [;wbr&gt;&lt;/wbr&gt;]  
*'''Mailing list:''' []
*'''Mailing list:''' []  
*'''Conference calls:''' EGI HiDef (interim)
*'''Conference calls:''' EGI HiDef (interim)

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Federated Clouds Task Force


The Task Force mandate is available at<wbr></wbr>document/720



Function Name Affiliation
Chair (interim) Matteo Turilli Oxford University Technology Manager Michel Drescher Operations Office Peter Solagna Chief Community Officer Steve Brewer
Resource Provider David Wallom UK NGS