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Six scenarios for minimal functionality

Scenario 1: Running a pre-defined VM Image

Leader: Michel Drescher, EGI; Matteo Turilli, Oxford e-Research Centre

Following need to be considered with this scenario

  1. Trust level and Auditing of the VM (since it has to run as Root access)
  2. Different VMs needed based on underlying Infrastructure such as 64 vs 32bits Or VT enabled plus Xen vs KVM
  3. Contextualization i.e. how users should login to this vm , how his public key transfer and active to login as root to this vm

Scenario 2: Running my data and VM in the Infrastructure

Leader: Micheal Higgins, CloudSigma

Scenario 3: Integrating multiple resource providers

Scenario 4: Accounting across Resource Providers

Scenario 5: Reliability/Availability of Resource Providers

Scenario 6: VM/Resource state change notification

Key Capabilities

VM Management

Data access

Information discovery





  1. http://go.egi.eu/435: Draft of Federated Clouds profile
  2. http://go.egi.eu/803: Task Force presentations at the EGI Technical Forum 211, Lyon

--Michel 14:40, 26 September 2011 (UTC)