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#REDIRECT [[Federated Cloud Technology]]
= Introduction  =
= Six scenarios for minimal functionality  =
== Scenario 1: Running a pre-defined VM Image  ==
[[Leader: Michel Drescher, EGI; Matteo Turilli, Oxford e-Research Centre]]
Following need to be considered with this scenario
# Trust level and Auditing of the VM (since it has to run as Root access)
# Different VMs needed based on underlying Infrastructure such as 64 vs 32bits Or VT enabled  plus Xen vs KVM
# Contextualization i.e. how users should login to this vm , how his public key transfer and active to login as root to this vm
== Scenario 2: Running my data and VM in the Infrastructure  ==
[[Leader: Micheal Higgins, CloudSigma]]
=== WeNMR use cases  ===
#Using VMs prepared with Gromacs and some other software to run MD simulations for educational purpose, possibly on multi-core VMs.
#Validating biomolecular NMR structures using VirtualCing, a VMware VM equipped with a complex suite of ~25 programs. A presentation of the current deployment at the Dutch National HPC Cloud is available [http://www.sara.nl/sites/default/files/Jurgen_Doreleijers_HPC_Cloud_Day_20111004_2.pdf here]. The cloud usage framework is based on a pilot job mechanims making use of the [https://grid.sara.nl/wiki/index.php/Using_the_Grid/ToPoS ToPoS] tool. Therefore, such a framework would naturally allow for execution of VirtualCing tasks across multiple cloud providers. Do notice that the framework is independent on the cloud access interface: it would work also with simple grid jobs, as far as the user-defined (or VO manager defined) VirtualCing VM is available at the grid site e.g. in a SE (or in the VO software area mounted by the WNs) and the grid job is allowed to start the VM. Technical details about its current implementation are available [http://code.google.com/p/cing/w/list here].
== Scenario 3: Integrating multiple resource providers  ==
[[Leader: Floris Sluiter, SARA]]
== Scenario 4: Accounting across Resource Providers  ==
[[Leader: John Gordon, STFC]]
== Scenario 5: Reliability/Availability of Resource Providers  ==
[[Leader: Daniele Cesini, INFN]]
== Scenario 6: VM/Resource state change notification  ==
[[Leader: Peter Solagna, EGI]]
= Key Capabilities  =
== VM Management  ==
== Data access  ==
== Information discovery  ==
== Accounting  ==
== Monitoring  ==
== Notification  ==
= References  =
#http://go.egi.eu/435: Draft of Federated Clouds profile
#http://go.egi.eu/803: Task Force presentations at the EGI Technical Forum 211, Lyon
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