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This wiki page collects the contribution for the EGI Quarterly Report 9, from May 2012 to July 2012.
Reports must be submitted by:

  • All the work group leaders
  • All the resource providers willing to account effort on the newly created TSA2.6 task
  • All the resource prividers willing to have their contribution recorded in the QR, an official EGI document

Workbench reports

Workbench Work group leader (NGI affiliation) Activities carried during in the Q9
Please specify other partners collaborating (if any)
Plans for the next quarter
VM Management
Data Management
Information System
Accounting Alison Packer STFC (NGI UK)
  • Five Resource Providers publishing records to test Cloud Accounting System at RAL.
  • CESGA provided client cloud accounting script for OpenNebula.
  • IN2P3-CC provided client cloud accounting package for OpenStack.
  • Web page provides updates on who has published cloud accounting records.
Define cloud accounting summaries and publish to test EGI Accounting Portal. (Requires CESGA for portal work.)
Federated AAI Björn Hagemeier (NGI_DE)
  • The ideas are clear.
  • Solutions seem difficult to implement in different stacks.
  • There's an idea for an OCCI profile for XACML that could be standardized through OGF.
  • Intensify contact with Contrail, who already provide an AAI solution based on ONE.
  • Follow new features in OpenStack to provide truly federated AAI for an additional cloud stack.
VM Marketplace
Brokering Alvaro Simon (NGI IBERGRID)
  • Created new Fedcloud wiki for Brokering workbench.
  • Included a Broker list and its capabilities.
Include more brokers. Choose 2 Brokers from wiki list to start Fedcloud testing process. Contact with cloud brokers developers to met Fedcloud needs.

Resource providers report

Resource Provider site NGI Contact person Activities carried out during the quarter Plans for the next quarter
CESNET NGI_CZ Miroslav Ruda maintenance of OCCI/CDMI/BDII/Accounting interfaces concentrate on support for specific user groups involved in fedcloud
CESGA NGI_IBERGRID Ivan Diaz, Esteban Freire Installed new BDII service. Configured OpenNebula accounting system with SSM. Added new Fedcloud users. New Nagios host for EGI Fedcloud. Integrate SA2 verification testbed with EGI Fedcloud VM images provisioning.
KTH SWEDEN ZEESHAN ALI SHAH OCCI interface, CDMI Interface , Accounting  Publish Image into Market place, Support Scenarios of EGI TF
FZ Jülich NGI_DE Björn Hagemeier OCCI interface, Accounting, Information Service Publish Image into Market place, Support Scenarios of EGI TF, Participate in EGI TF demo, Furthering AAI integration
CC-IN2P3 France Grilles Hélène Cordier OCCI/x.509, monitoring, BDII, accounting Demos participation