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General Information

  • Status: Preparatory
  • Start Date: 2013
  • End Date:
  • contact: Diego Scardaci /
  • External contact: Andre Gemuend /

Short Description

VERCE (Virtual Earthquake and seismology Research Community in Europe e-science environment) is a project which, as the name suggests, strives to create a holistic environment that is specialised for earthquake and seismology researchers, easing their use of European e-infrastructures. The idea is to facilitate especially the combined usage of European data-infrastructures (mainly seismology data resources that e.g. archive waveforms etc.), PRACE HPC sites, Grid and even local resources of the institutions of the researchers. The project has identified a set of use-cases that correspond to typical applications from the field, as well as a set of application tools and libraries that are commonly used. Examples are seismic noise cross-correlation, or high resolution tomography from 3D full waveform inversion.

As the typical work of seismologists includes applications with hugely different resource requirements, the different infrastructures will be used for different purposes, e.g. the production runs of typically HPC simulation codes requiring hundreds of parallel CPUs are run on PRACE sites, while pre- and post-processing, data analysis tasks, tests, etc. are run on other resources, such as EGI. VERCE already has an established VO, which currently includes only project sites.

Use Case

Distributed trace processing in the Cloud: a service that is intended to complement the services of the VERCE projects infrastructure, utilizing Cloud resources to offer simplified execution of data pre- and post-processing scripts. It offers users access to the ObsPy seismological toolbox seismological toolbox for processing data with the Python programming language, executed on virtual Cloud resources in a secured sandbox. The solution encompasses a frontend with a modern graphical user interface, a messaging infrastructure as well as Python worker nodes for background processing.

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