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General Information

  • Status: Assessed
  • Start Date: 29/05/2014
  • End Date: -
  • contact: Diego Scardaci /, Nuno Ferreira /
  • External contact: Tomas Kulhanek /

Short Description

Physiome is a project of web application to compute, store and provide values of parameters of physiological models via lightweight API. The current version support model calibration. Further development will focus on storing the calibrated model parameters along with the data of real experiments and simulations and metadata of models. See slides presented at the EGI CF 2014 for more info.

Use Case

Use case

Run on the EGI Federated Cloud a system to support modeling of physiological systems in the phase of calibrating model parameters and in the phase of simulating different scenarios. The loosely coupled part of the system is deployed in a remote distributed computational capacity. The system capabilities is accessible via a web application and allows user to focus on experimental data, names of parameters, visual control of the calibration computation and hide unnecessary complexity of the remote subsystems computation. The data of real experiments and simulations are stored and provided for further research.


  • 1 VM
  • Number of CPU cores: at least 10 CPU per virtual machine - (12 CPU)
  • RAM requirements per CPU core: at least 300 MB per core - (4 GB)
  • Storage requirements (non persistent): 1 GB per core free, (12 GB free) - (24GB non persistent disc with operating system)
  • Inbound/Outbound during execution - 10kB-100kB per sec
  • Licensed software - MS Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter (the developer has an MSDN licence limited for development and testing purpose)
  • Operating System - MS Windows 2008 R2 Datacenter: VM image already available, a remote desktop system has to be added.
  • ports - 48048-48060 for task/results exchange for incoming communication, 80,443, for HTTP outgoing synchronization with web services (
  • public ip addresses

Additional Files