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General Information

  • Status: Production
  • Start Date: 2013
  • End Date: In production from 09/11/2014
  • Cloud sites: BIFI, CESNET-MetaCloud, PRISMA-INFN-BARI
  • Virtual Organisation: biomed
  • contact: Nuno Ferreira /
  • External contact: Cherian Mathew / c.mathew@BGBM.ORG

Short Description

BioVeL is a virtual e-laboratory that supports research on biodiversity issues using large amounts of data from cross-disciplinary sources. BioVeL offers the possibility to use computerised "workflows" (series of data analysis steps) to process data, be that from one's own research and/or from existing sources. BioVeL is funded through the European Community 7th Framework Programme and is free and available to use via the Internet.

Use Case

Additional Files