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General Information

  • Status: Closed
  • Start Date: 15/07/13
  • End Date: 16/09/13
  • EGI.eu contact: Salvatore Pinto / salvatore.pinto@egi.eu
  • External contact: G-POD Team / eo-gpod@esa.int

Short Description

In the context of the Helix Nebula initiative, the European Space Agency organized a Proof of Concept using EGI Federated Cloud resources.The pilot proved the possibility to support the SuperSites Exploitation Platform flagship using academic resources, such as the one provided by the EGI federated cloud.

Use Case

Use case: Processing services

An instance of the SSEP processing cluster has been instantiated into the EGI Federated cloud, on several EGI sites, connected with the SSEP processing platform and used to run test earthquakes monitoring related processing (such as SBAS and Gamma IPTA processing).

SlipStream was adopted as Infrastructure broker.


All the tests were successfull executed.

Additional Files