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== Tasks ==
== Use Case ==
{{{FCUC_Tasks |  
{{{FCUC_Tasks |  
=====Use case: Processing services =====
=====Use case: Processing services =====

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General Information

  • Status: completed
  • Start Date: 15/07/13
  • End Date: 16/09/13
  • EGI.eu contact: Salvatore Pinto / salvatore.pinto@egi.eu
  • External contact: G-POD Team / eo-gpod@esa.int

Short Description

In the context of the Helix Nebula initiative, the European Space Agency organized a Proof of Concept using FedCloud resources. The objective is to prove the interoperability between commercial (Helix Nebula) and academic (EGI Federated Cloud) cloud providers and to prove the possibility to provide processing services to scientists using the Federated Cloud IaaS system. ESA target is volcano and earthquake monitoring in the context of the SuperSites Exploitation Platform project.

Use Case

Use case: Processing services

The PoC will deploy and test performances of a computing cluster, by running a set of processing jobs on it. The cluster will use the Globus Grid middleware and will be connected to the ESA Grid-Processing On Demand system for job submission.

A set of tests will be performed on the machines, checking the correct deployment and extracting a set of performance figures (disk, network, etc...).