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FAQ GGUS-Waiting-For-Submitter-Process


After discussions in the GGUS-AB and the OMB members agreed on implementing a work flow for closing tickets waiting for PT input after a reasonable time. This work flow show help informing the ticket submitter on he could expect a solution for his problem in a reasonable time and avoiding GGUS tickets being open for a very long time. It consists of 4 steps to be processed.

Accept as bug

The status value "waiting for reply" should only be used in case of input from the ticket submitter is required. Setting the ticket status to "waiting for reply" in GGUS triggers an email notification to the submitter's mail address registered in the ticket.
After the submitter has replied either by

  • sending an email using the same sender mail address as registered in the ticket or by
  • updating the ticket in web portal using the same credentials/certificate used for submitting the ticket

the ticket status changes to "in progress" automatically. Updates on the ticket done using different credentials/certificates or mail addresses than registered in the ticket will not be recognized as reply by the system and hence have no impact on the work flow.
The status value "waiting for reply" must not be used in case of waiting for input of any other person involved in the solving process.

Provide estimated time of availability (ETA)

Implement bug fix

Close ticket

First action

5 working days after setting the ticket status to "waiting for reply" the first reminder is sent to the ticket submitter requesting input. The ticket will also be added to the ticket monitoring dashboard. The ticket monitoring team will make sure that the status value "waiting for reply" is used in a correct sense.

Second action

In case the submitter does not reply the second reminder is sent to the ticket submitter requesting input after 5 more working days.

Third action

In case the submitter does not reply after another 5 more working days the ticket monitoring team gets notified. The monitoring team will check the ticket for any updates by the submitter not recognized by the system and set the ticket status to "unsolved" if none. The ticket will follow the usual process for "solved"/"unsolved" tickets and be closed after 10 working days without re-opening the ticket again.

Action Ticket Status Working Days Work Flow
1 waiting for reply 5 first reminder to submitter; adding ticket to monitoring dashboard
2 waiting for reply 5 second reminder to submitter
3 waiting for reply 5 notification to monitoring team; the monitoring team sets status "unsolved"
4 unsolved 10 automatic status change to "closed"


In this work flow there is always a human intervention before closing a ticket. The submitter has 15 working days in total for replying to a ticket. Additionally he has 10 more working days for re-opening the ticket in case he does not agree with setting the ticket to "unsolved".

Work flow graph

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket.