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FAQ GGUS-Get-Support-Privileges

How do I get support privileges?

For processing tickets submitted by other users and tickets assigned to a support unit you belong to or to yourself support privileges are required.
Therefore users need to register an account at GGUS. Registration can be done either using an x509 certificate or using EGI AAI.

Registration using an x509 certificate

For registering with an x509 certificate the user should go to GGUS home and click the Registration link in the menu bar at the left. This link opens the registration information page which gives some additional information about registration process. Clicking on the registration link guides to the form that the user has to fill in. After filling in the registration form, GGUS employees will check whether support privileges can be granted. The user will receive an e-mail from the GGUS employees (usually) confirming his support privileges.

Registration using EGI AAI

Users who do not have a valid x509 certificate can access GGUS via EGI AAI. For getting support privileges the user needs to be member of the ggus-supporters group in EGI AAI.
However the user has to fill in the registration form for creating an account at GGUS. Support privileges will be granted automatically. The user will receive an automated e-mail from GGUS system confirming his support privileges.

Both authentication methods, x509 certificate and EGI AAI, will be guaranteed in the future. Since the use of login and password will no longer be guaranteed in the future, it is recommended to access GGUS with a valid digital certificate or EGI AAI.

Additional information

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What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket.