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FAQ GGUS-Alarmer-Registration

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FAQ GGUS-Alarmer-Registration

How can VO members become alarmers?

People who want to become an alarmer have to

  • register in GGUS first
  • be added to the appropriate group in a VOMS server.

GGUS system synchronizes its user database once per night with the VOMS servers. The synchronization is based on the DN string. Please make sure the DN of your GGUS account is equal to the DN in VOMS.

How can tier-1 site admins become an alarmer?

Tier-1 site admins can become alarmers for testing the alarm process for their site. They have to fill in the registration form for supporters. Please add an appropriate comment (e.g. "I'm a xxx tier-1 site admins and I want to become an alarmer for testing purposes.") in the registration form.

What does the site manager/NGI manager have to do?

The site manager or NGI/ROC manager of the tier-1 site should open a GGUS ticket asking for granting alarm permissions to the tier-1 site admins and confirming that they are really site admins for this particular tier-1 site.

What documentation is available on alarm tickets?

What if I have questions which are not dealt with by this FAQ?

Please submit a GGUS ticket.