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UMD software provisioning infrastructure has enabled the EPEL repositories as sources for the SW provisioning process. Product teams can use EPEL as a target repository to release in UMD.

Both EPEL stable and EPEL testing can be used. PTs are encouraged to contact UMD as soon as they release in EPEL testing.


For every release in EPEL, UMD team needs the following information from the product team:

  • Product Team Short Name: A Short name assigned to the Product team to uniquely identify it to SA2 workflow.
  • Product Team Name: The official name of the Product Team (eg INFN)
  • Product Description: A Short description of the functionality of the product.
  • The link to the release notes.
  • The link to Documentation (e.g install guide)
  • The list of all the RPMs that build the product release
    • This list should contain only the rpms released in EPEL by the product team, not only the updated packages but all the rpms under the PT's responsibility. External dependencies in EPEL do not need to be listed
    • RPMs list must include the version. E.g.: packagename-2.47.8-1.el5.x86_64
  • The list of packages released in other repositories (e.g. EMI) by the product team. For example metapackages.