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The EOSC Portal AAI service enables researchers in Europe to get information on EOSC, as well as to provide feedback, discover and request services and resources that are offered through the EOSC portal. To support this, the EOSC Portal AAI service allows user authentication using the academic/social account of choice, including eduGAIN and Research Community AAIs. Specifically, this is achieved by conforming to the AARC blueprint architecture and policy guidelines, supporting:

  1. uniform representation of unique Users identifiers,
  2. a standardised way of expressing group membership/role/information and Resource capabilities,
  3. non-web browser based access,
  4. delegation,
  5. release of mandatory Users attributes according to the REFEDS Research and Scholarship entity category,
  6. operational security, incident response and traceability following the REFEDS Sirtfi framework,
  7. privacy requirements for processing personal information following the GEANT Data Protection Code of Conduct, and
  8. rules and conditions that govern access to and use of resources following the WISE Baseline Acceptable Use Policy.