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==EGI logo==
==EGI logo==
The following files are available for download. Please follow the usage guidelines (.pdf file, 180KB) when using the logo.
We have files are available on the [http://go.egi.eu/logos EGI website].
RGB logo for web and other on-screen media: .gif file (8KB), .svg file (111KB)
CMYK logo suitable for print production: .eps file (627KB)
==EGI-Engage templates==
==EGI-Engage templates==

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Generic EGI templates

We have files are available on the EGI website.

EGI-Engage templates

If you are funded or affiliated with the EGI-Engage project, you are encouraged to use the project’s templates in your presentations.

Presentation templates

Template for EGI-Engage presentations

Poster templates

Report template