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EGI Webinar Programme

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This page is under construction as of 15 March 2013 and is intended to be a repository for information on EGI's programme of Webinars. EGI will coordinate a series of presentations, tutorials and training sessions that will be conducted via webinars using EGI's Webex service.

EGI is establishing an "EGI Webinar series" whereby web based presentations and workshops will be arranged for the benefit of those wish to efficiently use distributed computing and data facilities at large. Each Webinar event includes a presentation delivered by a guest lecturers who works in specialist fields relevant to the EGI community. The lecture is followed by a Q&A session.

Why to participate?

  • EGI Webinars provide opportunities to get first hand information about established and/or emerging services for the successful use of the grid and cloud infrastructures of the European Grid Infrastructure collaboration.
  • EGI Webinars provide opportunities to user support teams, software developers, site managers, platform developers, platform integrators and representatives of scientific communities and National Grid Infrastructures to interact with each other and to hear about successful use of EGI's services.
  • EGI Webinars are open to anyone. You can attend an event by registering to it in advance through the event agenda page. Note that the space is limited to 25 person / event.

Scheduled EGI Webinars

Title Presenter Scheduled date Agenda URL and Comments
DIRAC Distributed Computing Services Dr. Andrei Tsaregorodtsev, IN2P3 France 22 March 2013 from 10:00 to 12:00 (Europe/Amsterdam)

Potential EGI Webinars

Project title Project status Deadline to join Project leader Project website
Not yet available Not yet available Not yet available Not yet available Not yet available

Completed EGI Webinars

Project title Project status Start Date End Date Project leader Project website
not yet available