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The goal of this Virtual Organisation (VO) is to foster arts and humanities research and collaborations, taking advantage of the EGI Infrastructure. The VO operates as part of the EGI infrastructure and is open for researchers, research projects and research groups/communities from the arts and humanities disciplines. The VO has been setup by the DARIAH Competence Centre of the EGI-Engage project. Further information about the Competence Centre is available at

How to register

Currently registration is not open for the wide audiance inside the A&H community, as access to the VO's services will be implemented through dedicated science gateways. In the meantime, VO manager can access the VO's services, and science gateway providers/developer can register through the VO enrollment URL.

VO Managers

The VO Managers are:

  • Giuseppe La Rocca (INFN)
  •  Zoltan Farkas (MTA SZTAKI)

The VO managers can be accessed through the e-mail list.

Resources available in the VO

To be filled in later with links to Nagios pages.

How to join with new resources to the VO

To be filled in later.


There is a generic e-mail list provided for any topic related to the VO (operations, user support, VO users, security): Please contact the VO through this e-mail address.