EGI Quality Criteria Release 6

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These release notes describe the sixth release of the Quality Criteria for UMD software.


QCv6 is a major update of the QC documents.

This new version includes a complete review of all the criteria focusing on security and interoperability in order to reduce the verification effort and allow external teams to take care of verification of products (e.g. for community provided software). The previous list of criteria was reduced to a core set of generic criteria that assure the minimum quality requirements for the products to be used in EGI’s infrastructure (dealing with documentation, security, information publishing, accounting, monitoring and support) and two wikis:

Testing procedures for generic criteria are available at EGI_QC6_Testing, Specific criteria are available at EGI_QC6_Specific.

A simplified QC Verification Template that covers all products (so the mapping is no longer needed) and updated EGI_Quality_Criteria_Verification with the changes and instructions for the verifiers are also available.