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The EGI Operational Procedures Manual defines the procedures and responsibilities of the various parties involved in the running of the EGI infrastructure. As a newcomer, you need to understand the structure of the EGI project and roles of operators at different levels, and read the parts of the manual which apply to you. You are encouraged to read also the other parts of the manual. It is not necessary — we strive to keep the individual parts as independent as possible — but reading the whole manual will give you a complete overall picture of daily operations within EGI.

How to use these Manuals

These Operational Procedure manual are designed to be a complete reference to all the necessary tools and procedures needed and can be printed in a book format through the EGI wiki. Simply use the menu bar on the left of the wiki page and start adding the necessary pages. You will be prompted to either save the page in PDF format or under your local user area.

NGIs are also encouraged to take the basic text of these pages and use them as a starting point for local internal documentation. This can be useful if, for instance, an NGI would like to present the manuals in their local language. Note that EGI is not responsible for the maintenance of pages outside of the EGI wiki, and we would like to encourage those NGIs who use this wiki as a reference source to try to keep their local pages current.


A brief description of the various players in EGI Operations. There are more detailed descriptions found in the menu bar at the top of this page.

Joining operations

A minimal list of requirements for joining operations teams.


A brief note on the role the CSIRT and EGI security teams play in operations.


A list of tools relevant to EGI operations. A full of EGI tools can also found in at


Other links which may be useful for operations.

Updating these manuals

The Operations Documentation group is primarily responsible for maintaining and updating these manuals. If you discover inconsistencies or obsolete procedures, please contact them via the Operational documentation mailing list