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'''Grid operations oversight''' activity over the NGI infrastructures is needed for detecting problems, coordinating the diagnosis, and monitoring the problems during the entire lifecycle until resolution. Oversight of the NGI Grid is based on monitoring of status of services operated by sites, opening of tickets and their follow up for problem resolution. supports and actively controls the overall status of Grid services and sites, opening of tickets for requesting problem fixing, and tackling of residual problems not successfully distributed to NGI’s.
Grid operations oversight activities are performed by '''COD '''team on the EGI level and by '''ROD '''teams on the Operations Centres level.
'''COD '''is a small team responsible for coordination of RODs, provided on a global layer. COD represents the whole ROD structure in terms of technical requirements for operations tools as well as on political level.
'''ROD '''is a team responsible for solving problems on the infrastructure within NGI according to agreed procedures. They ensure that problems are properly recorded and progress according to specified time lines. They ensure that necessary information is available to all parties. The team is provided by each NGI and requires procedural knowledge on the process (rather than technical skills) for their work.

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