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Service Management Policy (Example)

1.) Customer Alignment. The provision of IT services shall be aligned to customer needs.

  • Services are delivered in a defined quality sufficient to satisfy requirements identified from business processes.
  • For all services, a corporate level SLA and / or specific SLAs, which have been agreed with business stakeholders, is in place.

2.) Process Approach. To effectively manage all IT services and underlying components, a process-based approach to service management shall be adopted.

  • All required processes are defined, communicated and improved based on business needs and feedback from people and parties involved.
  • Roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

3.) Continual Improvement. Services and service management processes shall be continually improved.

  • Feedback from business stakeholders is used to continually improve services and service quality. All proposals for improvements are recorded and evaluated.
  • Service management is improved based on continual monitoring of process performance and effectiveness.

4.) Training & Awareness. Through trainings and awareness measures, it shall be ensured that staff involved in service management activities can perform effectively according to their roles.

5.) Leadership. Senior management is committed to this policy and its implementation. It provides the resources required to implement and improve service management and enhance customer satisfaction with IT services.