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* [ Meeting planner]
* [ Meeting planner]


= FedCloud work groups  =
= FedCloud work groups  =
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*[ Notification]
*[ Notification]
*[ Contextualisation]
*[ Contextualisation]

= Join the EGI FedCloud Task Force  =
= Join the EGI FedCloud Task Force  =

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Architecture Technology Roadmap FedCloud Task Force

EGI Federated Cloud task force

The EGI Federated Cloud task force gathers together scientific communities, R&D projects, and technology and resource providers so they can design the tools and services that support the federation of cloud providers, can share best practices, and can offer user support and training in a collaborative fashion. This enables community cloud solutions to develop faster, with a lower cost and with a more sustainable future. The task force members:

  • Capture requirements from user communities needing federated cloud services .
  • Identify, integrate and enhance open source tools and services that enable cloud federations for research and education.
  • Develop and maintain tools and services to fill gaps in third party solutions to reach production quality cloud federations.
  • Provide consultancy and training for communities on how to build a federated cloud to meet custom community demands under certain constraints.
  • Provide training and support for existing and potential users of cloud federations about topics, such as how to port or develop cloud-based applications; how to operate services in the cloud, how to join a cloud federation with a service.
  • Facilitate the reuse of cloud federation tools and services across participating cloud federations to lower total cost of development and to improve cloud sustainability.
  • Promote Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) environments that are proven to be robust and reusable across communities to interact with federated IaaS clouds.
  • Provide service management and security oversight for participating clouds and cloud federations.
  • Act as a discussion forum where cloud federations can be discussed and specific questions can be analysed with top-world experts.
  • Organise dissemination and marketing events, workshops and conferences relating to the topics of the collaboration.


The Task Force operates on its mailing list and on a conference call. At the moment, our effort is organised in work groups that any member of the Task Force is free to lead or to contribute to. Each member of Task Force can organise a meeting dedicated to further progress a specific workgroup activity.

The Task Force meet Tuesday at 11:00 CET every two weeks in a conference call. Minutes of the meetings are publicly available in the INDICO pages.

Join the EGI FedCloud Task Force

If you are interested in joining the EGI FedCloud Task Force, please send a mail to fedcloud Mailing list introducing yourself.