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General Project Information

  • Leader: Malgorzata Krakowian (malgorzata.krakowian @
  • Start Date: 1.02.2013
  • End Date: 1.08.2014
  • Meetings: Indico page (slides and minutes from meetings)
  • Official webpage


A study case was set up to identify existing services and solutions from EGI and EUDAT that could address the data pre-processing, post-processing, publishing needs of EISCAT 3D. The outcome of the pilot is expected to be directly applicable to EISCAT_3D, and indirectly by other ESFRIs of ENVRI.  In cooperation with EISCAT-3D representatives in ENVRI, will try to find best suitable solutions for data pre-processing of primary data and post-processing toward publishing.


The design of the next generation incoherent scatter radar system, EISCAT_3D, opens up opportunities for physicists to explore many new research fields. On the other hand, it also introduces significant challenges in handling large-scale experimental data which will be massively generated at great speeds and volumes. This challenge is typically referred to as a big data problem and requires solutions from beyond the capabilities of conventional database technologies. To identify existing services and new services that can tackle the EISCAT_3D big data challenge, a collaboration has been formed in February 2013 among EISCAT_3D, EGI and the EUDAT infrastructures under the ENVRI project.

Phase 1 Proof of concept architecture draft

A 'Towards a Big Data Strategy for EISCAT-3D' document is emerging from the collaboration and it outlines a project that would take the first steps towards defining the EISCAT_3D big data strategy. 


Phase 2 Requirements gathering

Following questionnaires has been used to collect requirements from EISCAT data managers and scientists:

For scientists:

For data managers:


Phase 3 Prototype system based on technologies and resources of EGI and EUDAT

Development and pilot deployment of OSGC - OpenSource Geospatial Catalogue

Presentation: EGI OpenSearch Catalogue Appliances for EISCAT 3D

OSGC is an Open Source implementation of an OpenSearch GeoSpatial Catalogue compliant to OGC 10-32r3 specification, developed by ( under the ENVRI ( project.

OSGC provides a catalogue engine built on top of a PostgreSQL+Postgis database, which exposes a cusmizable OpenSearch interface. Most of the application configuration can be set from the Admin web interface, while Data Administrators have a separated Dropbox interface, which ease the management of the catalog and the data storage, and a Data Gateway interface, which controls access to data and produces data access statistics.

A stand-alone client web interface, written in HTML5 and Javascript, can be used to query this catalog and other compliant OpenSearch catalogs.


  • OpenSearch catalogue engine with customizable output formats, products metadata, query schema, input formats (for ingestion).
  • Web admin interface (to offer the catalog as a Platform-As-A-Service on the Cloud).
  • Dropbox, to automatically extract metadata, register it into the catalogue and optionally push the data file into Cloud or other connected storage.
  • Data Gateway interface, to control access to data, produce data access statistics and bridge non-http protocols
  • OpenSearch web client interface, with the possibility to execute it remotely or as a standalone application (for integration into Cloud Virtual Laboratories PaaS services) and cumulative download (with shop-chart functionality).


  • (Study case leader & EGI Operations Officer) Malgorzata Krakowian malgorzata.krakowian [at]
  • (Technical Outreach Manager) Gergely Sipos gergely.sipos [at]
  • (User Community Support Officer) Nuno Ferreira nuno.ferreir [at]
  • (EGI Chief Operations Officer) Tiziana Ferrari


  • Dr. Ingemar Haggstrom Ingemar.Haggstrom [at]


  • Yin Chen ChenY58 [at]
  • Malcolm Atkinson
  • Alex Hardisty
  • Yannick Legré
  • Paul Martin
  • Alun Preece


  • Ari Lukkarinen ari.lukkarinen [at]
  • Antti Pursula
  • Ville Savolainen


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