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In GGUS, tickets are classified to 4 priority levels. Software ticket handling in DMSU and 3rd line support differs according to their priority as described bellow.

Top Priority

Issues which affect the entire infrastructure, its significant portion, or a very large number of users, with paralyzing impact. Immediate reaction is required.

DMSU reaction -- immediate within working hours. DMSU work is restricted for the sake of speed, mostly to assessment whether the ticket really deserves the top-priority category. Once this is confirmed, the appropriate 3rd line support unit is involved (to get an early warning). In general, no thorough, time-consuming analysis is done, and the ticket is reassigned to 3rd line quickly.

TP reaction -- typically, SLA guarantees 4 hour reaction. The reaction should contain ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival of the fix) approval. The time is not formally bounded, however, it should be within a few days; fix of a top-priority issue triggers an emergency release typically.

ETA monitoring the top priority tickets are quite rare, currently we evaluate ETA manually.

Very Urgent

Issues of broad impact, where no workaround is known or feasible.

DMSU reaction -- preferably on the same day, the ticket handling guidelines above apply, however, the ticket should not be delayed for more than 2 working days before reassignment to 3rd line.

TP reaction -- typically, SLA guarantees 2 working days. ETA specification is required again. The problem is expected to be fixed in 45 days (as a safe upper limit), typically in the next scheduled bugfix release.

ETA monitoring -- support in GGUS will be required, to be negotiated, though not urgent, the number of very-urgent tickets is quite low too.


Issues of impact on significant user community, however, affecting only some patterns of their work, and with a workaround generally available.

DMSU reaction -- preferably in 2 working days to assess the priority and in 5 working days to produce first results of the ticket analysis.

TP reaction -- typically, SLA guarantees 5 working days. The fix is scheduled according to the actual release plan of the TP. The only requirement is that urgent issues should precede less urgent ones.

ETA monitoring -- no ETA assigned.

Less Urgent

Less significant issues with either easy workaround or marginal impact.

DMSU reaction -- within 2 weeks to produce first results of the ticket analysis.

TP reaction -- typically, SLA guarantees 15 working days. Less urgent issues are fixed on the best effort basis.

ETA monitoring --- no ETA assigned.