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EGI Core activities:Travel

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Project Reimbursement procedures holds a budget to provide support in the frame of the Core Activities. The reimbursement is based on a lump sum for expenses available for external staff.

The amount of the lump sum includes a variable travel component considering the geographical location of the traveller and a fixed subsistence component compensating for all costs incurred (subsistence, hotel and (public) transport other than the main ticket). Participation to conferences is not relevant within EGI core activities thus conference fees is not an eligible expense.

The model applies considering the geographical location of the external traveler visiting Europe. The same model applies in reverse for people travelling to Asia/Transcontinental, USA/Mediterranean countries/International and Europe. If you are in EU travelling to Asia/Transcontinental then it is the Asia/Transcontinental travel allowance plus the same registration and subsistence levels.

The amount we will provide as a lump sum is determined by this formula:

  • Asia/Transcontinental: 1200 travel + 180 subsistence/day
  • USA/Mediterranean countries/International: 600 travel + 180 subsistence/day
  • EU: 300 travel + + 180 subsistence/day

The process is as follows:

  • Travel must be pre-approved by Peter Solagna: enter your request here and email peter at
  • Reimbursement form: travellers shall use the reimbursement reimbursement form here and provide a signed copy (scan or post) accompanied with the boarding passes (or train tickets, or similar) to be sent to our secretary Marie-Louise van der Weijde: