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EGI Core activities:Payments

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This page provide links to payment overview for each reporting period.
Communication about payment is done through

Contact person: Céline Bitoune celine.bitoune (at)

PHASE I - May 2014 until April 2016 (24 months)

PHASE II - May 2016 until Dec 2017 (20 months)

  • May-Aug 2016: 4 Months report, repayment executed on 14 Nov-16
  • Sept-Dec 2016: 4 Months report, repayment on March, 23 2017
  • Jan-June 2017: 6 Months report, repayment executed on October, 10 2017
  • July-Dec 2017: 6 Months report, repayment executed on March 18 2018