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EGI Core activities:Bidding

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EGI’s commitment through is to coordinate a federated compute and data infrastructure to support diverse research communities across Europe and their international collaborators in their data analysis needs. Through technical partners and with the funding support of the EGI Participants and the EC, EGI delivers services and activities to enable such international federation.

Calls for expressions of interest

Open calls

PHASE III January 2018 - December 2020

Changes from PHASE 2:

  • Resource allocation is extended to include the operations and maintenance of the EGI marketplace, relying on the findings and outcomes of EGI-Engage
  • UMD is extended to include activities which include the release of cloud-related products
  • DIRAC4EGI, Online_CA and the AAI CheckIn service are new

Previous calls

PHASE II May 2016-December 2017

List of EGI activities and services for bidding in PHASE II (May 2016-December 2017). Data of publication of the call: 01 July 2015

Changes from PHASE 1:

  • Monitoring includes activities comparable to SAM and Monitoring central services
  • Accounting repositories and portal includes the previous separated activities with the same names
  • Security and security tools includes activities previously bidded as security coordination and security monitoring and tools
  • Operations support services are now partially rescoped in services for the long tail of science
  • UMD quality assurance includes the activities that were formerly named "acceptance criteria and staged rollout"

PHASE I May 2015-April 2016

PHASE I May 2014-April 2016

Bidding and selection process

The bidding and selection process of the partner(s) for hosting the EGI Activities and Services is as follow.

  1. Customer needs, expectations and satisfaction are assessed.
  2. The bidding process, the timeline, the list of activities and services, and the funding morel are discussed and approved by the Council.
  3. The call for expressions of interest is announced and publicised to the EGI Council by the Management.
  4. The expressions of interest are assessed by staff against a number of evaluation criteria that are defined in the call text. Additional experts beyond the staff and the Executive Board may be asked to review the expressions of interest).
  5. A prioritised short-list (including any opportunities for refinement) is presented to the Executive Board. Additional experts beyond the staff and Executive Board may be asked to review the expressions of interest.
  6. The Executive Board approves the selected partners and a technical and financial proposal is presented to the EGI Council.

Members of the Executive Board will declare conflicts of interest as required by the Executive Board Terms of Reference, and will maintain the confidentiality of discussions and decisions.