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== Others events ==
A NGI security officer may publish information about a grid security tutorial in his country.
These tutorials are listed here.
* [[GridKa School]]
A yearly tutorial organised in september at Karlsruhe, Germany by ([[KIT]] and [[NGI-DE]]).
Established in 2003, the International '''GridKa School''' is one of the leading summer schools for grid computing and e-science.
The website is:
* [ ISGC]
The International Symposium on Grids and Clouds (ISGC) is a yearly conference which covers many topics including security.
The website is:
* [ D-Grid Security Workshop]
29.+30. September 2010 [[EGI CSIRT:TDG/training/DE-2010/5. D-Grid Security Workshop]], Göttingen, Germany ([[D-Grid]])

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