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The EGI CSIRT and the middleware security experts will join force again to provide security training for system adminsitrators and site managers. The training will focus on two main areas: operational security and middleware security.

There are 4 sessions scheduled as follow:

  • Thursday 22nd september. 14:00CET, room Rhone 4, duration 1h30.
How to install and configure glexec
How to create Argus policies

  • Thursday 22nd september. 16:00CET, room Rhone 4, duration 1h30.
Open discussion. Experts answer your questions about middleware security - architecture, configuration...

  • Friday 23th september. 9:00CET, room Rhone 4, duration 1h30.
Incident workflow and forensic tools
Linux rootkit and TTY hijacking
Vulnerability handling (what to do if you find a vulnerability and How are they handled)

  • Friday 23th september. 11:00CET, room Rhone 4, duration 1h30.
Advanced pakiti tutorial
SSC5 case study - Malware analysis
Using the security service challenge (SSC) framework