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{{Under construction|Security monitoring}}
Security monitoring is a key component to security. It may enable the service managers to prevent, detect and contain security incidents. The OSCT contributes to the security monitoring of the EGEE infrastructure by:
No internal information needed so far. See the [[EGI_CSIRT:SMG|public version]] for general description of the activity.
* promoting a set of existing monitoring tools as part of its [[EGI_CSIRT:dissemination|dissemination]] activity;
* performing different tests using the [ SAM] framework.
== Security monitoring tools ==
The OSCT highly recommends all sites to deploy a coherent set of security monitoring tools. Such a local approach enables the service managers at each sites to perform a detailed level of monitoring to detect possible change of patterns. More details, as well as a list of several useful tools are available as part of our dissemination activity.
== SAM Security Monitoring ==
In addition to promoting the use of security monitoring tools, as part of the Grid operations, the OSCT also uses [ SAM] to perform simple security checks at the sites.
The SAM security tests have significant technical limitations, but they provide a basic form of monitoring at '''all''' the sites.
There are several key objectives with the SAM security tests:
* identify weak sites and address possible problems;
* identify common security vulnerabilities and adapt our training material;
* raise awarness at the sites and/or at the VOs during specific security campains.
Each SAM security test is designed and implemented based on the following practices.
* Tests are NOT intrusive and DO NOT attempt to circumvent any security mechanism.
* Tests are NOT using (or trying to gain access to) any additional privilege on the system.
* Tests are NOT resource-consuming.
* Detailed results are available ONLY to the OSCT.
* Results are transmitted and stored in the encrypted form.
More details about the SAM security tests are available [ here].
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No internal information needed so far. See the public version for general description of the activity.