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|Ursula Epting || German NGI || KIT-GridKa  
|Ursula Epting || German NGI || KIT-GridKa  
|Tobias Dussa || German NGI || KIT-GridKa  
|Tobias Dussa || German NGI || KIT-CERT  
|Michael Hausding || Switzerland NGI || SWITCH  
|Michael Hausding || Switzerland NGI || SWITCH  

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Incident Response Task Force


Handle day to day operational security issues and coordinate Computer-Security-Incident-Response across the EGI infrastructure.


  • Replace OSCT-DC
  • Swift response to any reported computer security incident affecting EGI infrastruture
  • Security Incident Management
    • Existing communication channel (mail list/security wiki) migration
    • New communication channel (if needed) setup
    • Incident response tools development, evaluation and adaptation
    • Incident handling procedures update/maintainence
  • Adapt the current EGEE computer security incident response procedures to EGI framework.
  • Establish addtional operational and/or escalation procedures when required
    • a procedure to suspend a site from the EGI infrastructure
    • a procedure and agreed criteria to ban (blacklist) a user, a group of users and/or a VO
  • vulnerability assessment
    • Regularly monitor vulnerability databases
    • Assess impact of vulnerabilities on the EGI infrastructure
    • Advise the project mitigation solutions



  • Leif Nixon from NGI_NDGF


Name NGI Home Organization Effort Avalible (PM)
Leif Nixon - NDGF
Ake Sandgren - NDGF HPC2N
Daniel Kalici (for Malware Analysis) - NDGF
Daniel Kouril - CESNET
Michal Prochazka - CESNET
Dorine Fouossong France NGI
David O'Callaghan Ireland NGI TCD
Mingchao Ma UK NGI STFC - RAL
Christos Triantafyllidis Greek NGI
Ursula Epting German NGI KIT-GridKa
Tobias Dussa German NGI KIT-CERT
Michael Hausding Switzerland NGI SWITCH
Carlos Fuentes Spanish NGI RedIris
Sven Gabriel Dutch NGI NIKHEF
Nuno Dias Portugal NGI LIP
Bartlomiej Balcerek Poland NGI WCSS (Cyfronet) 4

Vulnerability assessment (part of incident response task force)

Name NGI Home Organization Effort Available (PM)
Leif Nixon - NDGF
Michael Hausding Switzerland NGI SWITCH
Xander Jansen Dutch NGI SURFcert
Detlev Matthies German NGI DFN
Dorine Fouossong France NGI