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- [http://www.eu-emi.eu/training EMI training materials]
- [http://www.eu-emi.eu/training EMI training materials]
- You will also get some operational notices at [https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_CSIRT:Operational_notices here]
- You will also get some operational notices [https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/EGI_CSIRT:Operational_notices here].

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| Mission | Members | Contacts
| Incident handling | Alerts | Monitoring | Security challenges | Procedures | Dissemination

EGI-CSIRT Training and dissemination: Entry point | Advisories | Operational notices | Events | Objectives

Some security alerts are issued by EGI-CSIRT through EGI broadcast. You will also find some of them here.

Here you will find informations about future events. There, you can get archives from pasts events.

   If you suspect that there is an incident at your site
   DO NOT ignore it.
   DO NOT Re-boot or Power off the affected host.
   YOU SHOULD SIMPLY FOLLOW the EGI security incident response procedure. 
        You will find explanation of this procedure at :
  • What pointers for latest technical informations on grid component ?

- Technical advices on Glite middleware
- EMI training materials - You will also get some operational notices here.