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Security alerts and/or security advisories will be sent to all EGI site security contacts or NGI security officers by EGI CSIRT using either an EGI broadcasting tool or a pre-established mailing list. They will also be listed on this page. They may cover a wide range of software, including — but not limited to — the EGI middleware.

Date Title Contents Rating
2010-XX-XX A brief discription Link to the alert/advisory Extremely critical/Critical/High/Moderate/Low Risk

EGI Alerts

The following alert bulletins describe security vulnerabilities or immediate threats against one or more sites or the EGI infrastructure and include recommendations and mitigation techniques.

Date Title Contents Rating
2010-28-06 Moderate Impact Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite Alerts/intel-28-06-2010 Moderate
2010-21-07 Moderate Impact Vulnerability In Intel Compiler Suite Alerts/intel-21-07-2010 Moderate

EGEE Alerts

List of alerts published during EGEE

Date Title Contents Rating
2009-10-20 High-risk vulnerabilities in CREAM CE software Alerts/cream-20-10-2009 High risk
2009-07-09 Remote command execution in Nagios WAP/WML interface Alerts/nagios-09-07-2009 Medium risk
2008-07-29 DNS cache poisoning/spoofing Alerts/dns-29-07-2008 Medium risk
2006-10-23 Critical Vulnerability: OpenPBS/Torque Alerts/openpbs-23-10-2006 Extremely critical


Parts of this article came from the OSCT wiki, this was written by the EGEE Operational Security Coordination Team.