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EGI Activity groups

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EGI Activity groups Special Interest groups Policy groups Virtual teams Distributed Competence Centres

To better coordinate work within EGI Community following types of groups have been introduced:

Special Interest groups

(aka Working group, OTAG, Task force)

Coordinated by: EGI Quality Manager (Malgorzata Krakowian malgorzata.krakowian AT

Webpage: List of Special interest groups


Special Interest groups are communities with a shared interest in advancing a specific area of knowledge, learning or technology where members cooperate to affect or to produce solutions within their particular field.

Each group can have medium-term goals that are not immediately achievable.

Virtual teams

Coordinated by: EGI Quality Manager (Malgorzata Krakowian malgorzata.krakowian AT

Webpage: List of Virtual teams and related information


Virtual Teams provide a flexible and dynamic means to rapidly bring together certain members of the community for a well defined series of tasks to meet a specific goal that needs to be achieved in a relatively short period of time (up to 18 months) before being disbanded. Virtual Teams operate as projects and primarily focusing on activities required for engaging with scientific communities and directly or indirectly helping them adopt EGI solutions and e-infrastructure platform to reach new barriers of science. A Virtual Team can for example integrate new applications with the EGI Federated Cloud from a specific scientific domain; or Performing a study/analysis of a specific area for e-infrastructure adoption.

Virtual Teams should have well defined, achievable goals.

Distributed Competence Centers

Coordinated by: EGI Quality Manager (Malgorzata Krakowian malgorzata.krakowian AT

Webpage: DCC related information

A Distributed Competence Centre (DCC) exists across the NGIs, projects, user communities and technology providers of the EGI Collaboration. The DCC includes user-support personnel and technical assets that can be accessed by research communities to support their research activities with distributed computing services from EGI.

Policy groups

Coordinated by: EGI Policy team
(policy AT

Webpage: List of Policy Boards


A policy group is an internal body created to define policies and procedures within a specific functional area (technology, operations, user community, policy and administration). They are responsible for developing’s strategic and operational policy framework and, thus, for ensuring the stability and availability of a European generic e-Infrastructure.

Each policy group has well-defined responsibilities, composition and operational procedures. It is chaired by an elected or appointed member of the community who is an acknowledged expert in the appropriate subject area. The chair reports the progress of the group’s work to the management.