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The MediaWiki software has several special namespaces (see Help:Namespaces for their list and explanation):

Several other write restricted custom namespaces exist:

There is also a special read restricted wiki at, only members of the EGI-CSIRT-Team can view the pages.

The Main Page is protected, only members of the cms-admins group can edit it.

See Special:ListGroupRights for lists of group members.

New namespace

If you need a new namespace, contact the IT support at

A new namespace must be defined by wiki administrators in a configuration file. Creating a page with a prefix does not create a namespace by itself !

Group membership

The groups are defined in the EGI SSO and are synchronized to the wiki on each full hour. Wiki accounts are created when a user logs into the wiki for the first time. So when you log into the wiki for the first time, it can take up to 60 minutes before you become a member of the wiki groups and can edit the restricted namespaces.

If you have any problems, contact