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== Administrative  ==
== Administrative  ==
*Coordinator: <br>
*Start Date: <br>
*End Date: <br>
*Mailinglist:&nbsp; [mailto:egi-tis@psc.edu egi-tis@psc.edu]  
*Mailinglist:&nbsp; [mailto:egi-tis@psc.edu egi-tis@psc.edu]  
*Meetings: <br>
*Meetings: <br>

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Welcome to the page of the EGI-XSEDE collaboration



The goal of the collaboration between XSEDE and EGI is to ...


  • Area 1: Operations
  • Area 2: Cloud
  • Area 3: Champions
  • Area 4: User support and joint use cases

Background information on the XSEDE project

  • Leader:

Task 1 Champions

  • EGI: TBD

Task 2 Operations

  • EGI: T. Ferrari, M. Krakowian


  1. Exchange information about helpdesk, monitoring and accounting
  2. Integration of helpdesk and accounting to support communities that in the future will jointly use XSEDE and involve OSG for those communities like wenmr that will also consume OSG resources

The EGI Helpdesk is GGUS: https://ggus.eu/pages/home.php
Authentication of users is based on X.509 certificates. All users with a valid certificate released by a IGTF CA can have read access to all tickets.
The report generator is the system we are using to collect statistics about usage, distribution of tickets, time to respond and solve tickets etc. https://ggus.eu/report/report_view.php
Plenty of documentation is available on-line: https://ggus.eu/pages/docu.php

Task 3: Cloud

  • EGI: TBD

Task 4: User support and use cases

Followup on practical integration aspects to enable compchem and wenmr using XSEDE resources (gateways/portals, user authentication, middleware that can be used to access XSEDE resource, resource allocations for compchem and wenmr)

  • EGI: G. Sipos