EGI-InSPIRE:WP7 Operational Tools DoW summary

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This activity provides for the continual evolution of the operational tools used by the production infrastructure, including:

  • The ongoing maintenance and further development of the deployed operational tools
  • The development of the operational tools to support a national deployment model (tool regionalisation)
  • Accounting for the use of different resources within the production infrastructure
  • Providing an integrated operations portal for the staff running the production infrastructure

TJRA1.1 Activity Management - IGI/INFN (Daniele Cesini)

TJRA1.2 Maintenance and development of the deployed operational tools The reference tools are: the operations portal, the EGI Helpdesk, the Grid configuration repository (GOCDB), the accounting repository and portal, and the Service Availability Monitoring framework.

UK (STFC) - GOCDB, APEL - (John Gordon)

SPAIN (CSIC) - Accounting Portal - (??)

France (IN2P3) - Operations Portal (Cyrill, Giles)