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Wiki page for EGI InSPIRE NA2 activities


This activity supports the development of policy, the coordination of standards, and the dissemination and community building activity appropriate for the role will play in coordinating European e-infrastructure and its interactions worldwide by:

  • Disseminating the work of the EGI and its user community both within the project and worldwide.
  • Supporting the development of policy within and external to in conjunction with the EGI's stakeholders relating to governance, standardisation and integration with other infrastructures.
  • Running two large (around 500 people) events each year to promote interaction between European infrastructure providers and their user communities.

Task Leaders

To contact all task leaders (see below), send mail to[1].

Involved partners (contacts / managers) - Netherlands (Steven Newhouse [2])
UPT - Albania
JKU - Austria
IPP-BAS - Bulgaria
SWITCH - Switzerland
UCY - Cyprus
CESNET - Czech Republic
KIT-G - Germany
CSIC - Spain
CSC - Finland
CNRS - France
MTA KFKI - Hungary
TCD - Ireland
IUCC - Israel
INFN - Italy
VU - Lithuania
NCF - Netherlands
SIGMA - Norway
LIP - Portugal
IPB - Serbia
ARNES - Slovenia
UI SAV - Slovakia
STFC - United Kingdom
UCPH - Denmark
VR-SNIC - Sweden
IMCS-UL - Latvia
E-ARENA - Russian Federation
ASGC - Taiwan
ASTI - Philippines
ITB - Indonesia
UNIMELB - Australia
NUS - Singapore

TNA2.1 Activity Management (Steven Newhouse,

This task will be managed by the PD. The agenda of the policy groups will be determined by their respective Chairs in consultation with the PD, and supported technically by the staff in this activity through the preparation of discussion documents and note taking, and administratively by the PO established in WP1 through meeting logistics. The Dissemination Manager employed in TNA2.2 will coordinate the other members of the dissemination team and the staff located in the NGIs and other related projects. The Policy Development Manager employed in TNA2.3 will coordinate the work of the local staff and those in the NGIs contributing to the discussion in policy matters.

TNA2.2 Dissemination (Catherine Gater,

An experienced Dissemination Manager will manage this task through the coordination of the staff within and those located in the NGIs. This task will disseminate EGI's activity within the project and worldwide through dissemination contacts located within the NGIs and related EC proposed projects. It will maintain and develop content for the project website, the monthly PD letter, a quarterly newsletter, and will develop case studies and 'success stories' around the applications and communities within the applications database. The task will design and print dissemination material and participate in European and International distributed computing meetings through stands and promotional material.

TNA2.3 Policy Development (Sergio Androzzi,

A Policy Development Manager will coordinate the work of this task and will report to the activity leader, the PD. Policies are needed to govern the provision of a high quality, distributed computing, production-oriented infrastructure., the coordinating body for this community, provides management and policy groups for developing and approving policies relating to operations, software quality, security, user communities and general governance. The development of these policies is supported by the project and may have relevance and impact with other European (eg DEISA and PRACE) and International e-infrastructure (eg Open Science Grid, TeraGrid) who will be involved in these policy discussions as appropriate.

TNA2.4 Events (Rob van der Meer,

This task provides the support and management of two large community-driven events each year: a European e-Infrastructure Conference (expanding on the EGEE series of conferences) and a European Distributed Computing User Forum (expanding on the EGEE User Forum series of conferences). The location of each meeting will be selected by the EGI Council following an open bidding process from the NGIs. For each meeting, a dedicated programme committee (under a programme chair), drawn from the community, and a local organising committee (under a chair from the bidding organisation), with members drawn from the EGI project office and the local organisers, will be formed.


D2.1 EGI-InSPIRE Presentation [PM1]
D2.2 Dissemination Plan [PM3]
D2.3 EGI-InSPIRE Paper [PM4]
D2.4 Roadmap for Interactions with other DCI Projects [PM5]
D2.5 Standards Roadmap [PM5]
D2.6 Integration of Clouds and Virtualisation into the European production infrastructure [PM8]
D2.7 EGI Sustainability Plan [PM10]
D2.8 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity [PM11]
D2.9 Dissemination Plan [PM13]
D2.10 EGI-InSPIRE Presentation [PM13]
D2.11 Transition Plan to ERIC [PM17]
D2.12 Standards Roadmap [PM17]
D2.13 EGI Sustainability Plan [PM22]
D2.14 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity [PM23]
D2.15 Dissemination Plan [PM25]
D2.16 EGI-InSPIRE Presentation [PM25]
D2.17 EGI-InSPIRE Paper [PM28]
D2.18 Evolving the EGI Business Model [PM29]
D2.19 Standards Roadmap [PM29]
D2.20 EGI Sustainability Plan [PM34]
D2.21 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity [PM35]
D2.22 Dissemination Plan [PM37]
D2.23 EGI-InSPIRE Presentation [PM37]
D2.24 Standards Roadmap [PM41]
D2.25 EGI Sustainability Plan [PM46]
D2.26 Annual Report on EGI and its External Relations Activity [PM47]


MS101 Quality Assurance website with document templates and process [PM1]
MS102 Execution Plan [PM2]
MS103 Quarterly Report Template [PM2]
MS104 External Advisory Board [PM3]
MS105 Quarterly Report [PM3]
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