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Wiki page for EGI InSPIRE NA1 activities


This activity will provide project, technical and administrative management of EGI-InSPIRE to ensure the successful execution of the project and that all its outputs are of high quality by: their own community or within the production infrastructure by:

  • Overall project management and reporting to the European Commission (EC)
  • Administrative support necessary to coordinate a project of this size through the establishment of a Project Office (PO)
  • Technical management of the project
  • Quality assurance efforts to monitor the progress of the project against its defined metrics and management of the review process for all deliverables and milestones.

Task Leaders

To contact all task leaders (see below), send mail to[1].

Involved partners (contacts / managers) - Netherlands (Catherine Gater [2], Steven Newhouse [3])

TNA1.1 Activity Management (Catherine Gater,

This task will cover the management of the NA1 activity and the PO. The activity will be led by the PM (Project Manager) who reports to the Project Director (PD) and includes the provision of tools and the establishment of procedures to be used in the successful execution of the project.

TNA1.2 Project and Consortium Management (Catherine Gater,

The PM and their team will manage all reporting for the project - both financial and administrative - and the liaison with partners in the EGI-InSPIRE project and the EC. It includes cost statement collection and analysis, interim payment coordination and transfer, and budget monitoring and reporting. The PD provides the managerial liaison with collaborating projects, engagement with the business community, and other European and International infrastructures. The main internal management function is the chairing of the Activity Management Board (AMB) by the PD, and the support of the Project Management Board (PMB) and Collaboration Board (CB) by the Project Office. The PM will coordinate administrative representatives of each NGI through the Project Administrative Committee (PAC).

TNA1.3 Technical Management (Steven Newhouse,

Detailed technical management of the project's activities is split across the project's main technical functions. User support is the responsibility of the Community Service Manager. Operations is the responsibility of the Operations Manager. Software provisioning is the responsibility of the Technology Manager. Coordination of these activities and issues relating to their day-to-day management are discussed and resolved at the AMB. Detailed technical issues are resolved at the relevant management board responsible for each area. The senior managers of each of the main functions within contribute to theses management boards and are responsible for the day-to-day execution of's activities within their respective areas.