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Quarterly Report Number NGI Name Partner Name Author
QR9 NGI_UK STFC Claire Devereux/Denise Small



Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)


Date Location Title Participants Outcome (Short report & Indico URL)
7-9/05/12 Karlsruhe EUGrid PMA Meeting 1 -
08/05/12 Hamburg DESY EMI AHM 2 -
19/05/12 New York WLCG Workshop 2 -
21/05/12 New York CHEP Conference 3 -
20/5/12 Reykjavic TERENA Neetworking Conference 2012 & REFEDS workshop 1 -
13/06/12 CERN WLCG GDB 1 -
17/06/12 Delft OGF35 UR WG 1 -
12/10/11 CERN WLCG GDB 2 -
12-13/7/12 Amsterdam Federated Cloud Task Force plugfest 2 -
30/5/12 Brussels H2020 Workshop on human Resources for e-Infrastructure 1 -
01/6/12 Birmingham EPSRC Workshop on Software for the Future 1 - -
27-28/6/12 Amsterdam EGI InSPIRE Review 4 -


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2.1. Progress Summary

We have been working through non-standard new site certification in EGI with Sussex. We are about at the stage of being able to certify (see GGUS ticket 81784). We have put a new procedure in place for our helpdesks to improve response times with sites. We have started to investigate deploying a POEM enabled Nagios for the UK NGI monitoring framework.

2.2. Main Achievements

Glasgow gLite 3.1 upgrading continues apace - no site in the UK depends on a 3.1 service at this point. Tracking of this is on course get it all resolved by the September deadline. New VO (NA62) moved to production operation this quarter.|-

Manchester Alessandra has been an active member of the WLCG Operations TEG (Technical Evolution Group) whose mandate is to provide recommendations for the next 2-5 years on WLCG sites operations.

Alessandra's cooperation with DPM developers continues as part of the ATLAS testbed for development code, and her other DPM work:

Andrew has continued the design and development of the KeyDocs documentation monitoring system for GridPP national grid support activity.

The GridPP website with its wealth of documentation is maintained by Andrew in Manchester.

Andrew has worked with Robert Frank of NGS to re-integrate the NGS/GridPP VOMS service into the Tier-2 Centre in preparation for it being taken over by the HEP group with support from GridPP.

Andrew has visited CERN for a week for training to undertake LHCb grid ops shifts in the next quarter. He has also begun working with the ops team and LHCb DIRAC developers to produce site-orientated views of the LHCb job/site monitoring to make it easier for sites to resolve problems with LHCb jobs at each site

Imperial Discovered and reported a bug with EMI1 LB service in which /var/tmp fills up with notifications. Discovered and reported a problem with the globus-gssapi-gsi rpm used by EMI2 SL6 CREAM-CE/LB. Discovered and reported a problem in which it wasn't possible to close a ticket on the ROD dashboard. Requested improved documentation and error messages in the EMI1 CREAM-CE. Submitted staged rollout reports for EMI1 WMS 3.3.5 and EMI1 blah 1.16.5. Made a feature request for the ROD dashboard. Elsewhere in London Tier-2 at UKI-LT2-Brunel a report for EMI2 Cream 1.14.0 SL6 was submitted. Brunel now has two clusters completely running EMI1 CREAM-CE and WN. They are migrating their DPM storage to EMI2 (on SL6). They are testing EMI2 CREAM and WN on SL6 and their tests have picked up a bug in Argus authentication. We plan to rollout EMI glexec and Argus across the London sites and migrate remaining glite hosts to EMI

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description
Site local infrastructure service availability Resolved
NGI downtimes due to major upgrades Resolved
Installation of glexec, no tar ball provided by EGI created a homemade tar ball glexec