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Action Item overview

AI Assigned to Description Due date Status
1 Enol Fernandez Add Quality Criteria (or a link thereto) on the Wiki page describing the NSRW. 30 Sep 2010 Green tick.jpg
2 Michel Drescher Put the Quality Criteria Verification report template on the Wiki (or a link thereto). 30 Sep 2010 Green tick.jpg
3 Ales Krenek Add technical information (collated by Milos Liska) on the NSRW page. 30 Sep 2010 Green tick.jpg
4 All SA2 members Read and comment on Carlos' template for QC verification by next week 7 Oct 2010 Green tick.jpg
5 All Task Leaders Review list of metrics:
  • Comment on list of metrics and provide expansion or reduction of list with rationale for each change
  • Present means of collection for each metric


12 Oct 2010 Green tick.jpg
6 Michel Present Carlos Fernandez' QC verification template at the TCB 25 Oct 2010
7 Michel Provide link to MS505 to SA2 mailing list [2] 7 Oct 2010 Green tick.jpg
8 All
(at least Kostas, Carlos, Michael)
Provide input for SLA document (MS505) 15 Oct 2010
9 Kostas, Mario Come up with an [Current_Releases action plan] on the upstart of the repository with packages that have not gone through the NSRW workflow. 12 Oct 2010
10 Michel Circulate QC and QC verification template to tech providers prior and for the TCB 25 Oct 2010
11 Michel, Mario, Kostas Understand "release", "release unit" and how to incorporate this in the workflow.
Example: CA release and Nagios probes for that (both would form a release unit).
12 Oct 2010
12 Michel Track down MS503 and report status Green tick.jpg
13 All Read and understand the proposed fields. Give recommendation on the use of the fields.


14 Michel Circulate template for QR, guidelines on what should go into the report, and what not.
15 Michel Talk to David Groep and get the CA release fit for the EGI Repo by the end of this month 21 October 2010
16 Carlos Further work on the "sub-workflow" of validating a release against QC.
  • executive summary report, use the same template?
  • how to record/keep the detailed template based reports?
17 Michael Contact Linda about the process to handle GGUS tickets that describe vulnerabilities

History of conference calls and meetings

SA2 on Indico

Copyrights and Licenses for software in EGI

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