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== History of conference calls and meetings ==

Revision as of 12:24, 6 October 2010

Action Item overview

AI Assigned to Description Due date Status
0001 Enol Fernandez Add Quality Criteria (or a link thereto) on the Wiki page describing the NSRW. 30 September 2010 Green tick.jpg
0002 Michel Drescher Put the Quality Criteria Verification report template on the Wiki (or a link thereto). 30 Sep 2010 Green tick.jpg
0003 Ales Krenek Add technical information (collated by Milos Liska) on the NSRW page. 30 Sep 2010 Green tick.jpg
0004 All SA2 members Read and comment on Carlos' template for QC verification by next week 7 Oct 2010
0005 All Task Leaders Review list of metrics:
  • Comment on list of metrics and provide expansion or reduction of list with rationale for each change
  • Present means of collection for each metric
7 Oct 2010

History of conference calls and meetings