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2.1. User Support achievements

NGI_CH user support activities for new communities during the 14th quarter focused on the following main streams:

* Support to the DEWA/GRID-Geneva group ( for enabling the SWAT hydrological model on a federated cloud infrastructure. The plan is to integrate the usecase as part of the supported portfolio at the national level first, and then link it to the eventual EGI FedCloud infrastructure.
* Support to the SwissExperiment project ( for extending the current supported usecase on the national cloud infrastructure. The requirement for the extended usecase will call for a larger number of resources than those available at the national level; the EGI FedCloud infrastructure will be explored.
* Followup on the activities in Chemistry, Molecular & Materials Science and Technology Virtual Team
* Preparation and participation to the EGI Technical Forum 2013
* Continued the effort in the national cloud strategy group aimed to establish and academic national cloud infrastructure. The outcome of this strategy should harmonize with the European cloud infrastructure roadmap that is also one of the targets of EGI.
* Continued the implementation of the Community Distributed Support model: contacts and site visits with 2 institutes (EPFL and UZH).

2.2. Plans

In the next quarter NGI-CH will focus on:

* Prepare the user communities to participate in the national funding program for a national cloud infrastructure
* Continue the support effort towards the current user communities
* Organize a workshop for the Collaborative Distributed Support
* Organize a workshop for SwiNG (and the related user communities) to discuss the national community enabling program and the preparation to the Horizon2020.

2.3. Issues and mitigation

Issue Description Mitigation Description