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EGI Inspire Main page

Document ToC

The ToC follows the virtuous cycle of EGI

Defining the release contents (Michel)

  • Requirements-driven content priorities
    • UCB requirements
    • OMB Requirements
    • Which of that software is taken into the Software Provisioning workflow
  • Reconcile community requirements
    • Aspired output is an update of the UMD Release Schedule
    • The exact process of reconciliation
      • Open issue!

Software Provisioning (Alvaro)

  • Software Delivery
    • The sources of software (i.e. EMI, IGE, EPEL, Platform)
    • For TP only their main repository, we never pull from anything else
  • Verification
  • StageRollout
  • UMD Release Building
    • Major versions (when and why do we release major versions)
    • Minor versions (ditto)
      • Explain the concept of roll-up releases)
    • What happens when the software has been approved by SR?

Release Schedule (Enol, Michel)

  • When and how often do we release a major
    • At most once a year
    • Closely located with major releases of EMI and IGE
  • When and how do we release minor releases
  • What will the schedule tell you
    • Major versions
      • High-level list of non-backwards compatible changes,
      • Addition of new platforms
      • New features
      • List of products
      • Planned release date
    • Minor versions (i.e. roll-up updates)
      • List of products (new, or updated)
      • Planned release date
  • Flagging and progress
    • Green ticks (or so) for successfully provisioned products that are not yet published
    • Yellow exclamation mark for products that are in danger of being delayed
    • Red crosses for products that failed verification or StagedRollout

Site Admin's UMD Repository HOWTO (GRNET)

  • General procedures
    • How and where to get the repo files
    • Dedicated RSS channel for publication of products into the UMD Production repository (TBC)
    • Release notes (TBC)
      • Where to get them
      • What they contain (for major and minor) (TBC)
  • Early Adopters (SR) Sites
    • Necessary repositories
      • Platform (such as SL5 64bit)
      • EPEL repository:
      • UMD Repository: use the same as production sites above
      • UMD Early Access
      • PPA repository for the product in StageRollout
        • Early Adopters should use the repository link in the ticket that is assigned to them in RT.