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Task 1: Activity Management (T. Ferrari,

Task 2: A Secure Infrastructure (M. Ma, STFC)

Global services:
O-E-16 Security response, coord: S. Gabriel (NCF) and Mingchao Ma (STFC)
NGI international services:
O-N-9a NGI operational security

Task 3: Service Deployment (M. David, LIP)

Global services:
O-E-9 Middleware rollout, coord: M. David (LIP)
O-E-11 Interoperability, coord: M. Lechner
NGI international services:
O-N-9b rollout
O-N-9d interoperability in the region

Task 4: Infrastructure for Grid Management (TBC)

Global services:
O-E-1 GOCDB, coord: G. Mathieu (STFC)
O-E-3 Monitoring infrastructure, coord: W. Lapka (CERN), C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH),
O-E-4 Operations portal and dashboard, coord: C. L'Orphelin (IN2P3)
O-E-12 Tools for network troubleshooting and monitoring, coord: M. Reale (GARR)
NGI International services:
O-N-1 Grid topology database
O-N-3 Grid repositories (for operational tools)
O-N-4 operations portal and dashboard

Task 5: Accounting (J. Gordon, STFC)

Global services:
O-E-2 Central accounting repository and portal, coord: G. Mathieu (STFC), J. Lopez Cacheiro (CESGA)
NGI International services:
O-N-2 NGI accounting infrastructure

Task 6: Helpdesk Infrastructure (T. Antoni, KIT)

Global services:
O-E-6 Helpdesk, coord: T. Antoni (KIT)
O-E-8 User requirements, G. Sipos (
NGI International services:
O-N-6 NGI helpdesk system

Task 7: Support Teams (Ron Trompert, SARA)

Global services:
O-E-7 1st line support (TPM), coord: H. Dres (KIT), A. Paolini (INFN)
O-E-12 Coordination of network support, M. Reale (GARR)
NGI International services:
O-N-5 Oversight (NGI 1st line, ROD)
O-N-7 NGI support team
O-N-9c Resource allocation

Task 8 Providing a Reliable Grid Infrastructure (C. Kanellopoulos, AUTH)

Global services:
O-E-5 Grid operations oversight (COD): coord. M. Radecki (CYFRONET), R. Trompert (SARA), L. Uljie (SARA)
O-E-14 Core grid services, coord: C. Kanellopoulos (AUTH)
O-E-13 Best practices and procedures, coord: V. Hansper (CSC)
NGI International services:
O-N-8 Grid core services