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(SA1.3 Integration)
(SA1.2 Security)
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=SA1.2 Security=  
=SA1.2 Security=  
<!-- D. Kelsey -->
<!-- D. Kelsey -->
* usual operational duties
* Ran the forensics training at GridKA Schule in Karlsruhe last week with ~18 participants
* Gave a presentation at the GridKa School:
** https://indico.scc.kit.edu/indico/contributionDisplay.py?sessionId=1&contribId=9&confId=26
* work on Emergency-Suspension:
** OMB contribution on next steps.
** Testing/documenting deployment scenarios (this was done by Mischa Sallee)
*** see https://wiki.nikhef.nl/grid/Argus_Global_Banning_Setup_Overview#Site_runs_no_Argus
* Requirements for VO security contact info completed and sent in
* preparing for EGI Technical Forum
= SA1.3 Staged rollout =
= SA1.3 Staged rollout =

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Progress of SA1 issues

Nothing new to report.


SA1.1 Activity Management



  • handling of GGUS tickets and ongoing VO ID card update campaign

SA1.2 Security

SA1.3 Staged rollout

SA1.3 Integration

  • review fixes in MS427 Integrating Resources into the EGI Production Infrastructure
  • ongoing work on Cloud site certification
  • request to add QCG tests to Availability Reliability profile

SA1.4 Central tools

SA1.5 Accounting



SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Ticket monitoring
  • Implementing feature requests for next GGUS release
  • Preparing slides for the TF in Madrid

SA1.7 Support

Software Support

SA1.8 Availability and core services