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Progress of SA1 issues

Nothing new to report.


SA1.1 Activity Management



SA1.2 Security

  • Attended OMB - several security presentations.
  • started development of a framework aggregating results from Pakiti and Nagios
  • SVG: 2 new vulnerabilities reported.
  • Draft of VO security contact requirements. Presented at the OMB.
  • Update to compromised certificates and emergency suspension doc, still some (smallish) changes needed before approval.
  • Firming up plans for emergency suspension.
  • Planning for Technical Forum.
  • Planning for EGI security beyond end of EGI-InSPIRE.

SA1.3 Staged rollout

  • Continuation of the regular activities
    • New PPA created for EMI-3 update 6
      • CREAM-CE 1.16.1
      • APEL, v. 2.2.0-1,
      • BLAH, v. 1.20.2,
      • CREAM TORQUE module, v. 2.1.1,
      • Cluster, v. 2.0.1,
      • L&B, v. 4.0.11-1
      • Waiting for new update: VOMS Clients 3.0.2; gridsite, v. 2.1.0-1 ARC products, v. 3.0.2.

SA1.3 Integration

SA1.4 Central tools

  • OMB participation
  • Tracking the status of user DN publishing probe

SA1.5 Accounting



SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Ticket monitoring
  • GGUS release on 2013-07-10
  • GGUS-AB meeting on 2013-07-11

SA1.7 Support

Software Support

Preparation of bids to cover helpdesk (KIT), and all 1st and 2nd level software support (joint INFN, CESNET, STFC, JUELICH, LIU) EGI Core Activities are in progress.

DMSU tickets flow July 7 - 13
assigned 10
back to tpm 0
reassigned to 3rd level 9
solved 0
open DMSU tickets status
assigned 0
in progress 2
waiting for reply 2
on hold 1

Network Support

SA1.8 Availability and core services