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Progress of SA1 issues

Nothing new to report.


  • D4.7 Operations Sustainability.

SA1.1 Activity Management



SA1.2 Security

SA1.3 Staged rollout

SA1.3 Integration

SA1.4 Central tools

SA1.5 Accounting


  • EMI 3 APEL client certified for release.
  • Cloud Accounting - additional cloud resource providers testing SSM v2 and using new Cloud Accounting record sending records to the new cloud accounting database - in preparation for the Community Forum demo.


  • Heavy Core refactoring and OOP migration
  • Regionalization improvements
  • Fixed XML endpoints
  • New view aggregating all region charts for InterNGI reports (NGI/COUNTRY).

SA1.6 Helpdesk

  • Discussion of agenda items for Feb GGUS AB meeting: review of R/W access to tickets in technology helpdesk and assessment of GGUS features/SUs/worksflows that will be affected by the end of EMI and IGE, so that all the changes necessary will be prepared in GGUS before April 2013
  • Prepared slides for the Feb GGUS AB.
  • Monitoring tickets.
  • Uploaded changes for next GGUS release to the GGUS test instance and testing them.
  • Testing implemented changes in Report Generator and reworked statistics on middleware providers.
  • Further work on MS710 MS710 after internal revision.

SA1.7 Support

Software Support

Network Support

SA1.8 Availability and core services